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Dear Ace & TJ and the Birmingham Hoodlum Elves,

I’m writing today to nominate the most wonderful woman in the world. She’s the best that I’ve ever met! I hope you find her story as touching and humbling and loving as the rest of her friends and I do. She is not a mom…at least not a birth mother, but she’s been a foster parent for many years. Right now, she has 4 children in her home, all of them having been abused in different ways and subsequently removed from their homes and placed with this angel-on-Earth. Yes, foster parents get support for the kids that they take care of…and my friend has willingly cut herself off from that support just to guarantee that these kids will have a HOME and not be moved from family to family.
She has LEGALLY ADOPTED 3 of them and is very close to the adoption process being finalized on the 4th child.

There’s an 11-year-old boy, two 8 year old girls (not twins, not related), and a 2-year-old girl.

My friend is single, and gave up her “job” to work in special education in the school system to help even more children. She loves her work, she loves kids, and she could just use a little bit of help this Christmas.

This family IS love. I don’t know how else to describe it. They gather at least once a day to read…it’s the favorite thing for the kids to do. They give their “mom” hugs and kisses and they have no idea what she goes through just to keep them in a safe place.

For one, the builder of the house where they live wasn’t the most reputable. She, nor her neighbors, knew this until the houses started to move down the hillside on which they were built. A long battle and a small settlement has their house safe for now, but there was no money left over, even some that she had to invest herself to get this fixed (and is still paying off).

The kids also don’t know what steps are taken here at their school to keep the disgusting predators that abused them. Their mom is very diligent about protecting them. I know most parents are protective, but most parents don’t have to deal with someone who is out to get their kids every single day. Could you imagine?

These are the nicest, sweetest, most loving children you’ve ever met. I know in my heart that God put them with my friend for a reason. I know that they are safe. But I just wish they could experience what other kids in their class experience: A Christmas tree, new books, toys that they can only look at in the store, just one single luxury.

My friend works hard and provides the basics, heat and square meals are the most important, but they have 2nd and 3rd hand clothes. They don’t get to watch movies, or go out to eat. Any money that would be spent on Christmas is being set aside, dollar by dollar, penny by penny, just to get new tires for the 10-year-old minivan that she has.

I know that my friend will be rewarded one day in Heaven for her hard work and undying love. I’m nominating her now because I want her and the kids to be rewarded here on Earth.


Former teacher of one of the children, and hopefully a future teacher of the others.