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Fake Soldier Gets Confronted by Veteran at Walmart

Unbelievable.  NSFW due to language.  
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Donations from Alabama on the way to Louisiana Flood Relief

This is so Alabama's equipment truck pull out of Tuscaloosa filled with donations and supplies for flood victims in Louisiana!     Truck #1 is off to Louisiana...
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Ryan Lochte's Apology Interview--REMIX!!!

I didn't want to forgive him, but with THIS CATCHY BEAT OK YOU'RE OFF THE HOOK.
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"I just came out here to say I love you": Watch this Little League Coach's Pep Talk to His Son

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Thousands of People cause a stampede looking for a rare Pokemon!

Apparently a Snorlax is a rare Pokemon Go catch...  
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Replaces Donald Trump in New Celebrity Apprentice Trailer

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Woman leaves waiter $500 tip after he paid for her mom's groceries

Wow! An amazing act of kindness...we need more of this!     His tip for an act of kindness: ‘50,000 percent’: When Kasey Simmons spotted a woman upset at his...
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These School Lunches Are Amazing!

Who has TIME to do this?  I'm lucky if my kids get two matching socks each day!  More lunch ideas from  Pinterest...       (via...
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Dad Explains His Son's Absence From School In The Most Epic Way Ever

It's great to see parents that have a sense of humor :)             via   Metro   |  Mercury Press and Media Ltd.
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Take a Look at These Insane Dorm Rooms at Ole Miss

This sure beats the 10x10 dorm room I had in college!   Martin 203 in tha 38655!! #babyrebs #hydr A photo posted by Abby Bozeman (@abbyboze) on Aug 15, 2016 at...
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