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How did this get in my pants?!?!?

Posted April 16th, 2014 @ 10:13am

I feel violated.  I'm wearing my new-ish black skinny jeans that I bought a couple months ago.  I've worn them several times and washed them, I've broken them in, so I really thought I knew my black skinny jeans!  Until today. 

I felt something weird in my pocket, and even though I haven't carried cash since 2012 I thought, "SCORE! There must be a crumpled $5 bill in here!"  But NOPE!  Instead, I pulled this out: 

Now here's what concerns me - I've NEVER in my whole life had Lemon Head candy.  I don't like lemon, and unless it's covered in chocolate, I don't like candy.  I don't even remember being around someone eating this candy.  HOW DID THIS GET IN MY POCKET?!  

File this under Life's Greatest Mysteries (along with why decaf coffee exists). 

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