It started last summer when my cousin Ashley came to visit.  She's always been a bad influence on me - when we were kids, I wasn't getting my way in the restaurant, and I started crying.  She leaned over and said, "Kaci, shh! This is not a playplace!"  Who needs THAT kind of talk when they're trying to bawl their eyes out and make a scene!?  Today, she's a med student who volunteers her spare time to help others.   See?  BAD INFLUENCE! 

Ashley and I in Birmingham last year, shortly before I met The Hat. 

Or maybe she's the greatest person in the world, but either way I'm blaming this ridiculous action on her.  When she was in town last year, we went shopping at the Summit in Birmingham, where I came across the CUTEST hat at J. Crew.  I didn't buy it though, because it was $58 and I thought surely I can find the same thing for $20! 

After almost a year of searching, it turns out - I couldn't.  I asked Ashley what she thought, and she said "If you've been thinking about it this long, just buy it!"  So, because I was too lazy to drive to Birmingham, I ordered the damn thing online.  Not only did I pay $58 for a hat, I PAID SHIPPING. 

Oh, and then today when I got an alert that it had been left at my front door, I bolted home to open it.  

So now I'm sitting at work, Pinteresting ways to wear my hat, thinking, "I can't wait to get home to my hat!"  

I feel like Pharrell.  Now get me to the beach!!!!