I've already called/texted/emailed all my friends about this book, so I'm telling you too - READ "THRIVE".  If you read "Lean In" and didn't really buy the whole "We need more women in top positions just because!" thing (I got annoyed by that, what if the people who want those positions just happen to be men?), you'll love this book.  

Arianna Huffington (of course founder of the Huffington Post) basically says we need to redefine "success" - that it's not about who can work the most hours, make the most money, have the highest position by 30.  It's about balancing a personal life, doing what makes US happy, not what society says should make us happy.  I never did understand why we put so much pride into who can work the hardest, no matter the cost.  Not that we shouldn't work hard or be lazy, but if you're not happy or healthy, what's the point?  

Seriously, read this.  Take a weekend, lay by the pool with the book, and get ready for your whole perspective to change. 

And that's my lecture for today.  See you in class tomorrow.