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This Family Feud will NEVER be seen on TV

Steve Harvey says this is the greatest television that will never be seen. This lady just doesn't GET it when asked another word for Mother. Man, it's painful to watch and HILARIOUS at the same...
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Can you tell which one is the MOM??

@kaylan_17 famous or nah?😳😩 — niabiaa. (@NiaisMindless) February 2, 2016 This picture and tweet has gone viral of a girl, her...
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VIDEO: Leopard attacks 6 people in India

There are at least 12,000 wild leopards in India, and one of them got into a SCHOOL there on Sunday. Luckily no kids were hurt, but it did attack six people who were trying to catch it, which...
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Love according to a Kid

I asked Grady who is 5 year old these questions: How do you know when you're in love? When is it right to kiss? When should you get married? Who is the most beautiful teacher? Why do people...
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How much $ did Peyton Manning get from Bud??

Peyton mentioned Budweiser not once but twice during the post game of the superbowl last night, so how much did they pay him? According to them, not a dime. Now, he does own stake in 2 Bud...
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Cam sore loser? Walks out on presser

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New Superbowl Ads Trending Today

1. Pantene put out videos of a few NFL players attempting to style their young daughters' hair. They're calling the series "Dad-Do," and the players featured are DeAngelo Williams of the...
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4 Rules for your Super Bowl Party

The most important rule for a Super Bowl party is to always make sure there's enough food and booze. But here are four other tips that aren't so obvious . . .   1. Tell people to get...
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George Clooney ER reunion on Kimmel

// “E.R.” Cast Reunion with George Clooney and Jimmy Kimmel George Clooney reprises his role as Dr. Doug Ross in the ER reunion you've been waiting for... Hugh...
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Jeb Bush begs audience for applause?

Here's Jeb Bush asking an audience in New Hampshire to "please clap": @shiftmsnbc — PolicyMic (@PolicyMic) February 3, 2016...
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