The new "Between Two Ferns" with ZACH GALIFIANAKIS is an interview with PRESIDENT OBAMA. If you've never seen a "Between Two Ferns" skit, it's a fake talk show with a lame set featuring two big ferns. Usually it's Galifianakis interviewing other comedians or actors in a rude way . . . they push back with jokes about his weight . . . and the whole thing's edited to make it as awkward as possible. And this one's no different.

He asks Obama what it's like to be the LAST black president . . . if he plans to build his presidential library in his home country of KENYA . . . and calls him a NERD. But it's clear they're joking around the whole time. And about halfway through, you find out Obama's there to promote and get people to sign up for insurance.

Apparently the White House wanted to use to reach out to young people. As lame as that is, Galifianakis tried to make it amusing by calling the President out for being boring, and the sites for not working. Apparently they filmed it last month at the White House, it's been in the works since September, and Obama MOSTLY knew what the questions would be. But there was also some ad-libbing.