This past Saturday, Bruno Mars surprised the audience with a moving gesture at his concert in Cleveland.

Zumyah Thorpe is and 11-year-old girl who survived a fatal car wreck last year in which her pregnant mother and two younger sisters did not. The car was hit by a drunk driver, and Zumyah, by a miracle, survived. She did, however, suffer a severe brain injury. It was Bruno's song "Just The Way You Are" that really made the difference.

Zumyah was in a coma and unable to walk or talk. Then, one day, she woke up and the first think she did was sing that song by Bruno Mars.

Bruno performed a private concert for Zumyah, dedicated a new song, "Zumyah's Day" to her, and ran to her during the Cleveland concert! Of course, he also sang "Just The Way You Are" to her during the show. 

If Bruno hasn't won your heart over before now, this HAS to do the trick!

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