Photos Seem To Prove Theory That 'Game Of Thrones' Was Based On 'Shrek'

Throughout the show's eight seasons, plenty of Game of Thrones fans have had theories about plot lines and characters. Some of those hypotheses turned out to be true, while others were way off the mark. Now, there is a new theory that's going viral not just because of how bizarre it is, but because of how accurate it seems to be. It started with a tweet that states, "So basically Game of Thrones is a Shrek live action." Accompanying the tweet are some side-by-side images from the hit HBO series and the classic ogre movies.

One shot is of "Sansa" and "Tyrion" getting married, and it looks eerily similar to a the scene from Shrek when "Lord Farquaad" is marrying "Fiona." The next pic is of Shrek's "Prince Charming" and his GoT look-alike, "Jaime Lannister." Then there is a picture of "Jaime" and "Cersei" and that scene's counterpart from Shrek, and finally one of "Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane," who is wearing an outfit very much like the one "Shrek" wears.


If that weren't enough proof, other people added more evidence to the Twitter thread:


There's no word on if anyone was on the production team for both Game Of Thrones and Shrek that might cause this, or if there was a "Shrek"-lover on staff at GoT, but it's hard to believe this is all a coincidence.

Photo: Getty Images, HBO


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