Grandmother Drives Kids around in Dog Kennels gets Arrested

This Tennessee Grandmother who drove her grandkids around in dog kennels is appalling. She was arrested on two counts of child endangerment and rightfully so! These kids a)don't need to be in dog kennels. Ever. b) it was a 95 degree day and there were no air vents in the back of the car where they were riding, so if you can move past the fact they were in dog kennels riding back there in the heat alone was endangering enough. c) THESE POOR KIDS! How traumatizing is having to ride in the back of a car in DOG KENNELS? I'd say pretty bad. 

Thank you to the person who caught this on video and reported the grandmother to the police. This is just awful. Kids cannot take care of themselves and it is our responsibilities as adults to keep them safe and this grandmother failed.