Man Traveling 50 States to Mow 50 Lawns for those in Need

Wow! I am so excited about this. As a person who has an elderly great grandmother in Alabama who lives alone and cannot do her own yard work this gesture goes a LONG WAY. Rodney Smith Jr. has founded the program Raising Men Lawn Care Service, a lawn care nonprofit he launched to help young people give back to their communities. 

He challenges the kids in the program to mow 50 yards for people in need. Elderly people, single mothers, veterans or disabled people are just some of the few people he has helped. He decided to take the challenge himself and up the challenge by going to 50 states to do the challenge.

Rodney I LOVE your soul and the kindness you have shown to not only people in your community but for inspiring kids to be better humans as well. Press play to see his story below.