72 Year Old Women Find Out they were Switched at Birth

Um.... I'd be calling this hospital up IMMEDIATELY. Two Wisconsin women just found out they were switched at birth..... but at the age of 72!!!! They've been living their whole lives as someone else! 

Denice Juneski, from Eagan, Minnesota, submitted her DNA to genealogy website 23andMe, and found out her relatives were "a bunch of strangers" and she didn't match anyone she knew, not even her own mother.

Obviously you'd think this is crazy and so did she.... she took the test a 2nd time and got the same results. 

They were born 31 minutes apart in the same hospital in 1945. 

Since they discovered the swap they have met several times and have visited the 99-year-old mother they now share. This is crazy! click play to see the story below! 

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