Country Wives EP. 2- Kristen Brust (LOCASH)

Well you've heard I love this life by LOCASH, but I love this girl! Kristen Brust (Preston's wife) is one of the most inspirational women I know. She has such a great blog where she opens up about some very vulnerable parts of her life and has helped so many other women going through what she has gone through, but she's also done some cool things in the music industry from working for a record label to working in radio and now she's being super mom and just an all around awesome human.

Once you meet her she instantly feels like she has been your best friend for years. Meet Kristen in the podcast Country Wives, where we talk about her days of working for a record label, being a mom, how she met Preston, the awesome advice that Kelly Janson gave her when she started dating Preston, meeting Pink at the ACM's and so much more! The full conversation is below! 

Also check out her instagram and her blog if you haven't yet! 

PS. LOCASH is coming to Joes on Weed Soon! I didn't realize this until after Kristen and I spoke, but what timing! It's a sign from the universe! 

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