Animal Crackers Are Taking Animals Out of the Cage on New Packaging

Wow, PETA made a new change on a house hold item that you will see start seeing in stores! In 2016 PETA wrote a letter to Mondelez International (the parent company of Nabisco) asking them to redesign their boxes. 

Mondelez agreed and started working on a redesign and you can now find it in stores in the U.S. 

WOW! I'm torn here on how I feel about this. I love animals and I am a vegetarian and completely think animals should be free- but I also never even noticed the cage on the boxes in the first place. Does this make me a terrible animal lover or is PETA just nitpicking at this point? Either way- cool for Mondelez to actually agree and change the packaging for the sake of our animals! 

See the full story HERE

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