Alabama is Fostering a Puppy!

Well... I may or may not be able to give this little girl back after 2 weeks! Meet Angel! I just grabbed her from the South Suburban Humane Society yesterday.... They were at the Miranda Lambert concert last week taking donations for Mutt Nation and I asked if they needed fosters (which they do so you should definitely reach out to foster if you can!) and now I have this girl until she's ready for adoption mid September! 

OMG also, I LOVE HER! If you've ever fostered before and have any tips for giving her back, send them my way! I can already tell I'm not going to want to! 

We've already found a dog park, played fetch, she made friends with a french bulldog, golden retriever and lab at the dog park and she's one of the best puppies ever! Also she's doing great with the cats too!