Hear New Music from Pistol Annies

Think "Got My Name Changed Back" is Miranda's ode to Blake Shelton? 

Long awaited new music from Pistol Annies is finally out! They revealed the track list of the upcoming album along with 3 songs we can listen to now! 

The name of the album is Interstate Gospel and here's the track listing:

  1. “Interstate Prelude”
  2. “Stop Drop and Roll One”
  3. “Best Years of My Life”
  4. “5 Acres of Turnips”
  5. “When I Was His Wife”
  6. “Cheyenne”
  7. “Got My Name Changed Back”
  8. “Sugar Daddy”
  9. “Leavers Lullaby”
  10. “Milkman”
  11. “Commissary”
  12. “Masterpiece”
  13. “Interstate Gospel”
  14. “This Too Shall Pass”

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