My Five Favorite Bid-Worthy Things on is backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!! Save up to 60% off great local's my top 5 finds (and why I'd bid on them). Powered by AlaTrust Credit Union!

#1 Mr. P's Butcher Shop---this place is right around the corner from my house and they have the BEST chicken, steak...and their deli is incredible! CLICK to bid!

#2 Pelham Civic Center--I take my kids ice skating all the time + they tried the "Let's Play Hockey" program and loved it! CLICK to bid!

#3 Meyer Vacation Rental--we LOVE going to the beach and this is an amazing package--3 night stay in a Gulf front condo! CLICK to bid!

#4 Invisible Fence--As you can see, our "puppy" Colt can get himself into trouble, Invisible Fence helps keep him from terrorizing the neighbors :) CLICK to bid!

#5 Rock the South--I love going to concerts, and Rock the South is going to be huge this year! Kid Rock, FGL, and more... CLICK to bid!

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