What's Awesome: Dad dons a tutu for his daughter

There are just six weeks left in 2017 but it's enough time to add this Tennessee dad to the list of father-of-the-year contenders.

Thanh Tran of Knoxville believes that dads should "participate in every parent night no matter what it is." So when his daughter asked him to attend ballet night at school because her mom is seven months pregnant, he was right there all ready to go in a leotard and tutu and was soon doing pirouettes alongside her.

The dancing dad shared photos of the event on Instagram and wrote, "The look back smile from her made it all worth it. Not gonna lie, my calves and toes were cramping up."

Thanh's photos have since gone viral with people calling him an "amazing dad" and commending him for doing a "good job for stepping up." 

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