What's Awesome: soldiers get care packages for the holidays!

A military mom in Wisconsin with two sons serving overseas just added about 10,000 more sons and daughters to her family.

LeAnn Boudwine often sends her sons care packages with some of their favorite items, but recently received some news that she found very disturbing. Her sons told her that while they enjoy receiving her packages, there are many other soldiers around them that never get care packages.

They told her that many soldiers are supporting their families back home and their relatives can't afford to ship them packages.

This broke LeAnn's heart, so she decided something needed to be done. She organized a group of volunteers and veterans to get together and pack up items to send to troops overseas. She recently packed up her 10,000th care package.

And she's not planning on stopping anytime soon. LeAnn set up a website where visitors can donate items or money to cover shipping costs.