You won't believe this video: a cat nursing puppies???

 A family in India recently got concerned after their German shepherd named Ruby had about 10 puppies, but wasn't paying attention to them.  She wouldn't let them nurse.  It's not clear if she couldn't produce milk, or just didn't want to deal with them.

But luckily everyone's okay now . . . because their family CAT stepped in to help out.

Her name is Pinky, and she's been taking care of them like they're her kittens.  The family posted a video of her lying on her back and licking them while they nurse.

The owners say it was pretty shocking when she started doing it.  Especially because Ruby and Pinky don't get along very well.

They're both about two years old, and HATE each other.  All they do is chase each other around.

But for whatever reason, Pinky decided to take care of the puppies when Ruby wouldn't. 

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