Kevin Hart helped Tiffany Haddish when she was homeless

KEVIN HART and TIFFANY HADDISH star in a new comedy called "Night School" . . . and it turns out they go WAY back.

In an Instagram post yesterday, Kevin said he helped Tiffany out a decade ago, when she was homeless and living out of her car.  Quote, "I had no idea until I saw a [ton] of clothes in her car outside of a comedy club in L.A. . . .  I reached in my pocket and gave her all the money I had which was $300 at the time."  

He also hooked her up with a hotel for a few nights.

In her own post, Tiffany said he also told her to write out a list of goals, and get herself together . . . and she added, quote, "I did just that, and over the years Kevin has always been the Big little Brother I never had."

"Night School" comes out on September 28th. 


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