Golfer hits hole in one and promptly sprains ankle celebrating!

TONY FINAU is the 34th-ranked golfer in the world . . . and apparently, he's TOUGH AS NAILS. 

Tony is supposed to compete in his first Masters beginning TODAY, but he went through a roller-coaster of emotions yesterday.

He competed in the Par-3 Contest . . . and things were looking UP when he hit a hole-in-one.  Tony was excited . . . TOO excited.  He started celebrating, and he rolled his ankle.  BAD.

He was down on the ground for a moment . . . before he grabbed his foot and snapped it back into place. And he kept on golfing.

He apparently DID dislocate the ankle.  But X-rays later revealed no breaks.  He'll have an MRI today, and if the results are positive, and the swelling is under control, he'll try to play.  Tony said he's "optimistic."

It LOOKS like he was familiar with popping it back into place, like he's done it before many times...but wouldn't it be horrible if he couldn't play because of this!