The real story and REAL celebrity behind "Dude Looks Like A Lady"

Here's a classic story about Aerosmith you might not have heard.  A guy named Desmond Child co-wrote the AEROSMITHsong "Dude Looks Like a Lady", and he claims it was about VINCE NEIL from MOTLEY CRUE.

Child says the REAL story is that the band was at a bar and they saw a, quote, "gorgeous, platinum mullet with a curvy waist and white skin and black nails," and they were drawing straws to see who'd approach her.  But the supposed "woman" turned around and it was Vince . . . and Steven Tyler freaked, and kept saying 'Dude looks like a lady!'  

In the past, Steven and Joe Perry have said that Child came up with the lyric . . . but he says that's NOT true.

Hey- these days the same could be said about Steven Tyler- he even wears skirts!