Poor Walker Hayes... his kids were NOT excited about his CMT nomination!

I love this clip.  WALKER HAYES called home to share the good news about picking up a CMT Breakthrough Video of the Year nomination for "You Broke Up With Me".



He talked to two of his kids, and their lack of enthusiasm is almost sad.  But funny.  He posted the video on Instagram.



First he tells his daughter about the nomination, and in a halfhearted voice she says, "That is amazing.  So cool."  He replies, quote, "You don't sound authentically excited."  Her answer to that is asking if he wants to talk to someone else. 



Sure, why not.  So her brother gets on the line and when he hears good news he says, quote, "Cool."  Walker tries to get him pumped up so he comes back with, "This is really awesome, right?"  The kid answers, "I guess."



At this point he figures the only genuine excitement he's going to get is from his wife, so he asks to speak to her . . . but she's still asleep.

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