Was Jason Aldean's #1 Hit "You Make It Easy" Stolen??

A Canadian musician is accusing the songwriters behind JASON ALDEAN's "You Make It Easy"of plagiarizing a song he wrote called "Easy".  His name is Connor Shaw . . . and he has a point.  There are similarities.

He wrote it for a music class back in 2015 . . . and then recorded a rough version that he posted online.  A family friend in Nashville liked it and asked him to send a demo and she "would send it around."  He sent it last fall but didn't hear anything.

And then in February he heard "You Make It Easy", which was written by Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbardand Brian Kelley, plus Morgan Wallen and Jordan Schmidt

He felt ripped off and posted clips of both songs.  People agreed with him, including an entertainment lawyer who said he'd "never heard two songs sound so similar."  He had the lawyer send a cease-and-desist order to Florida Georgia Line's attorney.

Well, the response from FGL's lawyer made it clear they'd have a fight on their hands if they planned to continue.  A fight that would cost a whole lot of money.

If you're interested, Connor Shaw posted a thread on Twitter that documents the whole saga.  It includes a side-by-side audio comparison plus lyrical similarities.

(To compare the songs for yourself . . . here's "You Make It Easy" and here's "Easy".)