Is Johnny Depp sick??

Fans of Johnny Depp are worried about his health after photos of the 54-year-old looking pale and gaunt surfaced online.

In one pic Depp poses with an admirer in Russia wearing an oversized, striped shirt and appearing thinner than usual. Fans began to speculate about the star's well-being. One concerned fan tweeted, "Johnny Depp is not doing well guys. Please please tell me that Johnny Depp is just prepping for a movie and not that he is sick cause he doesn’t look so good here."

But not everyone agrees. One fan who attended one of his shows with his band Hollywood Vampiresthought he looked fine. "Just saw #JohnnyDepp in concert in Hamburg. He looks healthy, happy and he had so much fun.... How pictures can deceive an impression."

I don't know... in the top picture, I think he looks sick, but maybe not so much in the bottom picture?  I guess it could have just been a bad day or bad lighting or something.

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