Heather Locklear hospitalized... again

HEATHER LOCKLEAR was hospitalized last night after an alleged overdose . . . less than 24 hours after she was arrested for assaulting a cop and an EMT at her house.

It all started Sunday night when police were called to Heather's home because she was drunk and arguing with family and friends.  As the cops were trying to calm her down, she kicked one of them in the leg.  Since she was so wasted, they decided to call an ambulance and have her checked out.  While THAT was happening, she kicked a paramedic in the chest.

Heather was treated at the hospital, then arrested on two misdemeanor counts of battery.  She was released yesterday morning on $20,000 bail.  There was talk yesterday afternoon that she was planning to go back to rehab.

But last night, an ambulance was called back to her house over a possible overdose.  She was rushed to the hospital, where sources say she's in stable condition.

Heather has had a string of arrests and hospitalizations over the last decade or so.  Earlier this year, police were called after she allegedly assaulted her boyfriend.  She threatened to shoot one of the cops.  A month later she checked into rehab.