Blake Shelton takes a tumble on stage

The fall happens at the :36 second mark in the above video

BLAKE SHELTON fell on his backside while performing at Oregon's Pendleton Whisky Music Fest on Saturday.  It wasn't a very bad fall and he got right back up.

The next day he hit up Twitter with a request, and an excuse, saying, "Okay, Pendleton.  I know somebody is bound to have video of me falling on stage.  Please.  I have to see it.  Post that [stuff].  And yes I had been drinking.  A lot."

His request was heard and people started putting up clips.  (Here's one from a distance.  And here's a closer look.)

However, one woman tried to shame him for "showing up drunk" and compared him to Justin Bieber throwing up on stage.  Blake responded by writing, "Oh, I'm sorry ma'am.  This account is meant for people who actually have a sense of humor.  We're not accepting crybaby Tweets today.  Maybe try again tomorrow."

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