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Madonna's WEIRD "Tribute" to Aretha Franklin at VMA's and other highlights

It was a good night for CAMILA CABELLO at the "VMAs" last night.  She won Artist AND Video of the Year.  That second award was presented by one of her heroes, MADONNA . . . whom she LITERALLY bowed down to.

And by the way . . . can we just talk for a second about what Madonna was wearing?  I'm not even sure how to describe it, but I'm guessing that since she has African children, maybe it was some kind of African headdress and jewelry?

Before presenting the award, Madonna paid tribute to ARETHA FRANKLIN . . . by telling a long, boring story about HERSELF, and how she kind of kick-started her career by singing an Aretha song at an audition. 

On a potentially related note, CHILDISH GAMBINO's "This Is America" won Best Video with a Message . . . and the woman who choreographed the African dance accepted.  She also won Best Choreography, and the video won Best Direction.

There was no host, but CARDI B opened the show pretending to breastfeed her baby.  It was actually a VMA wrapped in a towel.  Cardi won Best New Artist and Song of the Summer for "I Like It", by the way.

JENNIFER LOPEZ accepted the Video Vanguard Award, after performing a medley of her hits . . . with ALEX RODRIGUEZlooking on.  She called him her "twin soul" and said, quote, "My life is sweeter and better with you in it."


TIFFANY HADDISH totally botched CAMILA CABELLO's name during what was basically a standup routine with KEVIN HART. . . before they presented the award for Best Hip-Hop video. 

The show closed with an interesting performance.  It started with POST MALONE and 21 SAVAGE doing "Rockstar".  But then Malone took up the guitar and jammed with AEROSMITH.  (???)  They did a medley of "Dream On" and "Toys in the Attic".  

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