Former "ER" actor shot and killed by police

 Former "ER" actress VANESSA MARQUEZ was shot and killed by police last Thursday during a welfare check at her home near L.A. 

Apparently, she was suffering a seizure when they arrived, which may or may not have been brought on by an eating disorder.  In any event, she reportedly became combative at some point, and pointed a BB gun at the cops, and that's when she was shot.

She played a nurse named Wendy Goldman on 27 episodes of "ER" from 1994 to 1997, and had bit parts on a few other shows.  Then last year, she claimed she was blacklisted from Hollywood for complaining about harassment on the set of "ER".

She claimed GEORGE CLOONEY was one of the people who got her blacklisted.  But he said he had nothing to do with casting back then, and even if he could have messed with her career, he wouldn't have.

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