The Browns did not lose!!!

 Coming into yesterday, the Cleveland Browns had won just ONE game in exactly 1,000 days.  And it had been 624 days since the Browns last win.



The Browns were at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers, in the middle of a rainstorm, and something MAGICAL happened.  The Browns did NOT LOSE.



They DIDN'T WIN either.  The game went to overtime, and ended in a 21-21 tie.  But that didn't stop fans from celebrating.



In true Cleveland fashion, the Browns had a chance to win in the final seconds with a 43-yard field goal, but the Steelers BLOCKED the kick.  (In fairness, it was raining, and the Steelers' kicker missed a 42-yarder just before that.)



So, after going 1-15 and 0-16 over the last two seasons, Cleveland starts this season 0-0-1.  Which means it's still possible that they could go winless again this season, or even more incredibly, 0-0-16.  (???)



Ties in football are very rare.  It's the NFL's FIRST season-opening tie since they started overtime in 1974. 



It's Pittsburgh's first tie since 2002, and Cleveland's first since 1989, which also happens to be the year they last won their division.  (So, maybe this IS a good sign?  By the way, 0-0-1 is actually the Browns BEST start since 2004!)