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Emmys: What Happened

The "Emmys" last night were a pretty dry affair, but two moments REALLY stuck out.  One was kind of tragic, but the other was totally redemptive and hopeful.

Okay, the bad news first:  BETTY WHITE was brought out onstage and honored for . . . well, I guess for still being alive.  After all, she's 96 years old.  Sadly, she wasn't quite the Betty White of a few years ago.

She's in great shape for 96, and she produced several moments of genuine comedy, but she also had a little trouble delivering her speech.  It may finally be time to accept the fact that the years are catching up to her.

But not long after that, the show was completely stolen by a guy you've never even heard of.  His name is Glen Weiss, and he won an Emmy for directing the "Oscars".

And during his acceptance speech, he PROPOSED to his fiancée.  He actually brought her onstage and gave her his mother's ring . . .  Which was even more poignant because his mother had just DIED two weeks ago.

As for the rest of the show, it started off with an all-star musical number called "We Solved It", about how television had finally gotten past its diversity issues.  

Netflix tied HBO for the most Emmys, with 23.  It's the first time a streaming service sat at the top of the heap.

Amazon also had a great night, thanks to "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel", which won EIGHT trophies.  But "Game of Thrones"had the biggest total of any show, with 9 Emmys.

During last night's show, there were literally only TWO wins for broadcast TV.  That guy who won for directing the "Oscars" and then proposed to his girlfriend, and "Saturday Night Live" for Best Variety Series

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