Keith Urban helped concert-goers get the day off, by calling their boss!!

There have been a lot of viral moments at country concerts recently . . .  stars interacting with fans, their phones, and such.  I think we have a new angle on it.

KEITH URBAN was playing a show in Winnipeg, Canada on Wednesday, and saw two fans holding a yellow neon sign that said they'd get the day off . . . if he mentioned the ORTHODONTIST they worked for. 

Well, Keith was game.  He even invited them up on stage.  It probably helped that they were two attractive women with nice teeth.  Apparently they'd made a bet with their boss . . . Brent, from Kildonan Orthodontics, if you must know.

Then Keith CALLED the guy, and asked him to give EVERYONE at the office a day off . . . and maybe even a raise . . . and they made a deal.  Then Keith posed with a sign that said "Visit Kildonan Ortho for your perfect smile!" 

So yeah . . . basically just a shameless promo for the guy's business.  But you gotta give the guy props for creativity.  And when's the last time YOUR favorite singer got you a day off?