David Beckham is under internet fire for kissing his daughter on the lips!

These days, it's hard to go a week without the Internet 'parent-shaming' a celebrity, and the latest target is DAVID BECKHAM, who posted a photo of himself kissing his seven-year-old daughter Harper on the lips.

It was taken during a father-daughter ice skating outing, and David captioned it, quote, "Christmas is coming.  Let's go skate."

It was just a dad affectionately kissing his daughter.  There shouldn't be anything wrong with that.  But that didn't stop the social media police from making it into something weird and perverted. 

Of course, we've been through this before.  Earlier this year, TOM BRADY had people worked up after a clip surfaced online, where he kissed his 10-year-old son Jack on the lips.

Maybe because of that, Brady is coming to David's defense.  He added this comment on the photo:  Quote, "Dad and daughter.  So sweet!"  By the way, in the past David has said that he's kissed all his kids on the lips.