Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is coming back!

HGTV is reviving the ABC show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition", which is appropriate, since it sort of paved the way for the current HGTV craze.

"Extreme Makeover" originally ran for nine seasons, from 2003 to 2012.  It was usually about providing home improvements for less fortunate families and schools.  At its peak, it averaged 16 million viewers on Sunday nights.

HGTV's initial plan is to develop a new season with 10 episodes, which would premiere sometime later this year.  There's no word on a host.  They also picked up the rights to the previous show, so you can also expect to see plenty of re-runs.

I just hope they fix the problem that the first show had... where they would rip down a home for someone who really needed a new home but that didn't have any money.  Then they would basically build a mansion that the family couldn't afford the property taxes on.  I hope they will look at a family's WHOLE situation, you know?