Natalie Maine's ex demanding BIG payout!

Dixie ChicksNatalie Maines 's soon-to-be-ex-husband, Adrian Pasdar , is seeking $60,0000 a month in support. 

Pasdar claims that Natalie makes $2 million a year and is expected to rake in even more with a solo tour this year. The figure breaks down to $16,427 for the support of their two sons -- 17-year-old  Jackson  and 14-year-old  Beckett  -- and monthly spousal support of $44,076, in addition to $350,000 to pay his lawyer. 

Pasdar is a working actor who makes around $150,000 a year, but he says he gave up opportunities to stay home and raise their children while Natalie toured. 

The couple, who married in 2000, signed a prenuptial agreement

Photo: Getty Images