Could N'Sync reunite and TOUR without Justin Timberlake??

ARIANA GRANDE's set at Coachella Sunday night included an appearance by N' SYNC. Well, not ALL of N' Sync. Of course JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE was too busy to be there.

He actually thought about doing it, but he couldn't, because he was busy wrapping up his tour and didn't have time to rehearse. The rest of the guys did "Tearin' Up My Heart" with Ariana.

And yesterday, Justin posted a picture of his former bandmates with Ariana, and said, quote, "You guys killed it last night."

AND after all the hype they got from the performance, the guys might be ready to hit the road, and maybe even record some new music.

Obviously, they'd include Justin in a heartbeat, but they've waited long enough for him to come around. A source says, quote, "They loved their moment with Ariana at Coachella, and they know fans are still there for them. Would they love Justin to be a part of anything in their future? Absolutely! But, they're tired of waiting for him to make a decision . . . They are down to do it with or without Justin." 

I'm guessing it would have to be without Justin- but you know what would work? If they got other big stars like Ariana to fill in! Just thinking out loud here...