Fortnite almost NEVER existed!!

Even if you don't play video games, you've probably heard of"Fortnite". It's, you know, kind of a big deal.

It has more than 250 MILLION registered players . . . and since last year, it's generated more than $2.5 BILLION in revenue.

But the whole game was almost CANCELED before it came out in July of 2017.

Rod Fergusson, a former production lead at Epic Games, said he tried to kill "Fortnite" way back in 2011. This was early in development, and before they came up with the game's popular "Battle Royale" mode.

He said he wanted to scrap it because of internal challenges, which seems legitimate, since it took more than six years of work before the game was ready to launch. Rod ended up leaving Epic in 2012, and "Fortnite" survived.

Photo: Getty Images

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