Alex Rodriguez robbed of $500,000 from his rental car

WSJ The Future of Everything Festival

WSJ The Future of Everything Festival

You know that feeling when your car gets broken into, and the perpetrator makes off with some of your junk? Usually, it's more annoying than anything, because what they stole is probably less than the cost to fix your car.

Well,ALEX RODRIGUEZ is going through that now, after someone broke into his rental car in San Francisco while he was eating dinner at a restaurant.

However, since this is A-Rod, they didn't just get away with a Kindle, a phone charger, a bag of chips, and $10 in loose change.

Their haul was worth HALF A MILLION DOLLARS. According to the"San Francisco Chronicle", they took: "A camera, a laptop, miscellaneous jewelry, and a bag."

It's unclear what was in the bag . . . but judging by the rest of the stuff it must have been some very expensive jewelry or A LOT of cash!

Photo: Getty Images