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Morgan Wallen is the biggest thing in music right now

The 56th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

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Morgan Wallen owns music. Broad statement, but his "One Thing At A Time" album has spent the last two weeks shattering just about every music chart record there is. His latest incredible achievement: every single track from that album - and there are 36 of them - are on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Easy math: that's 36% of the entire chart! This destroys the previous record of 27 set by Drake in 2018. Last Night is at number one.

No. 7, “Thought You Should Know” (13-7, first week in top 10)

No. 8, “You Proof” (21-8, after reaching No. 5 in October)

No. 9, “Thinkin’ Bout Me”

No. 10, “One Thing at a Time” (51-10, first week in top 10)

No. 11, “Ain’t That Some”

No. 14, “Everything I Love” (93-14, new high)

No. 15, “Man Made a Bar” (feat. Eric Church)

No. 18, “I Wrote the Book” (64-18, new high)

No. 27, “’98 Braves”

No. 29, “Devil Don’t Know”

No. 30, “Sunrise”

No. 32, “Born With a Beer in My Hand”

No. 35, “Whiskey Friends”

No. 38, “Tennessee Numbers”

No. 40, “Cowgirls” (feat. ERNEST)

No. 41, “Hope That’s True”

No. 43, “Dying Man”

No. 44, “Keith Whitley”

No. 47, “In the Bible” (feat. HARDY)

No. 48, “Neon Star (Country Boy Lullaby)”

No. 51, “Me + All Your Reasons”

No. 52, “I Deserve a Drink”

No. 53, “F150-50”

No. 54, “Tennessee Fan” (re-entry, after reaching No. 49 in December)

No. 56, “Single Than She Was”

No. 59, “Wine Into Water”

No. 61, “Days That End in Why” (re-entry, after reaching No. 57 in December)

No. 63, “180 (Lifestyle)”

No. 65, “Last Drive Down Main”

No. 69, “Good Girl Gone Missin’ ”

No. 71, “Me to Me”

No. 72, “Money On Me”

No. 75, “Had It”

No. 76, “Outlook”

No. 77, “Don’t Think Jesus” (re-entry, after debuting at its No. 7 high last April)

That's not the only record Morgan has set these last few weeks: He has the first country genre No. 1 on the "Billboard" Streaming Songs chart by a solo man, as "Last Night" shoots to the top of the March 18-dated survey. It’s also just the third country track to reach No. 1 in total since the chart launched in 2013. For 2023, Wallen has charted the most songs on the Hot 100 so far in the calendar year, vaulting from nine to 38 entries in that span, more than double the sum of runner-up SZA, with 16.

Photo: Getty Images

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