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Your Weekly Horoscopes - Week of October 2, 2023

Happy October! Your horoscopes for the new week and month are here!

· ARIES – You’re going to have to make a tough choice soon. Do what’s best for you. Your week is an 8.5

· TAURUS – You have a lot on your plate but it’s leading you to a better life. Your week is a 9.0

· GEMINI – You are hoping to attract others to a plan you are creating – you won’t find it hard to intrigue them. Your week is a 7.7

· CANCER – Focus your energy on what you want. You will also begin to feel calmer and more self-assured. Your week a 6.9

· LEO – Time management is most important for you this week. Your week is a 8.0

· VIRGO – New opportunities are flowing– you need to be ready to employ them. Your week is a 9.9

· LIBRA – You take 2 steps forward and 1 step back.. Just keep making progress. Your week is a 6.5

· SCORPIO – Someone close to you is under-estimating you. Give them a show. Your week is a 9.7

· SAGITTARIUS – This week tap into your emotional side to finally finish that project you’ve been putting off. Your week is an 8.1

· CAPRICORN – Be open to calls inviting you to join a group, meet new people, or go out on a social excursion. Your week is a 9.4

· AQUARIUS – Keep trying. Those words need to be prominent in your mind this week. Your week is a 7.1

· PISCES – Being you is the only way to defend yourself, the world sees who you really are. Your week is a 7.0

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