Maren Morris Answers "20 Questions" In Playboy

Maren Morris is shedding off the negative comments and says her new playboy photoshoot and article helped her "amplify a message" that important to her for women. She said she's trying to do more to step out of her comfort zone.

Morris did a few photos topless but tasteful and answered 20 Questions in the latest Playboy article. Morris tells the magazine, "I’m speaking such a loud, noisy concept of what it means to be a woman in the music industry right now. This feels like I’m amplifying a message I’ve been passionate about since the beginning that has intensified in the past year. I feel I’ve already challenged a lot of sexual norms. It’s funny, because it’s not that risqué in the grand scheme of things."

Many people where dropping hate and criticism on her IG when she teased the article last week, but Maren doesn't let it get to her. She feels like there is a bigger purpose and reason for her to be proud of her body and comfortable in her own skin, a message she wants other women to feel.

She got a little cheeky with the pics and answered questions like: "What does the spirit of this transition from Hero to Girl, mean to you?" or "Why are you still dealing with [being slut shamed/bodyshamed] in country-music culture?"

She is bold and open with her answers and show how awesome she is as a person and an artist. I'm excited for her and glad she did this!