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Kelly Janson Talks Husband Chris, Appearing in Tim McGraw's Video and More

Welcome to the new podcast Country Wives

All of our artists have so many amazing and talented wives and I wanted to share their story. This was inspired by talking to Kelly Janson (Chris Janson's wife) about all the things she does behind the scenes while on the road with Chris.

Even Chris Janson says working with Kelly is the only way he'd have it:  

"That's the only way I would do the music business is to have my wife working with me all the time. It goes deeper than that though, aside of that we just travel together we're gonna always do things together, we make every decision together even record deals, everything. That's just the way it is when you're married you're one and that's it."

Not only does she manage Chris (while also being super mom), but did you know she was in a Tim McGraw music video and was once a CMA trophy girl!?!?!? 

Kelly also has a huge heart and hopes to start giving back to foster children with Chris one day, she says: 

"I feel like we're getting to live a dream, I don't feel like we're working. For some reason music is the message with it. I feel like we're all so lucky and I hope we can continue what's happening and my biggest goal and my next big journey is  to try to come up with something that he and I can give back."

If you've ever seen Chris Janson live in concert he always talks about her onstage and it really seems like they just have figured out that perfect combination of 'magic' that is so amazing to witness. Hear the full conversation below! 

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ps... in case you were curious here's the Tim McGraw video that Kelly was in! 

She's also in her husband's video for Fix a Drink! 

If you're hoping to become a country wife yourself here's some relationship advice with Chris Janson and listen to how sweet he is talking about Kelly too! 

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