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Kristen Brust Talks Being Married to 1/2 of LOCASH, Meeting Pink and More

You've heard I love this life by LOCASH, but you'll love this girl even more! In the latest episode of Country Wives, Kristen Brust (Preston Brust of LOCASH's wife) opens up about how she met Preston (and broke up with him for a day!), meeting Pink and at the CMAs, being a mom and the hilarious advice that Kelly Janson gave her on marrying a country artist.  

She also has an inspirational blog where she opens up about a miscarriage that she and Preston went through and how writing about it has helped her and other women:

"I just learned that so many of us, ultimately we just want to not feel alone. All of a sudden just not feeling like you're alone was everything, and now I have the most beautiful instagram following of all time."

Hear the full conversation with Kristen below! 

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Also Kristen and Preston just welcomed their second baby Legend to the world a couple of weeks ago! 

And she makes being a mom look so stylish! 

See her husband do his thing here! 

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