Yes she is actually from Alabama! Pinson Alabama that is! She’s been doing radio for longer than she wants to admit all over the country and is more...Full Bio


Amber Gilbert Talks Dinner Table Rules with Brantley Gilbert and More

Meet Amber Cochran Gilbert- Brantley Gilbert's wife in this new episode of Country Wives (With Alabama).

She's started a cooking program called Ambers Eats where she talk about her passion for cooking and how has become therapy for her while bringing family together: 

"It's really a way to bring people together, our family gathered so much over meals... It really helps me wind down sometimes just to be able to get into the kitchen." 

She also talks about what it's like adjusting to life in the spotlight after marrying Brantley, how she finds time to follow all her passions and still be super mom, and why we will never see a photo of their baby, Barrett's face on social media: 

"I don't want to make that choice for him, it's something about someone being able to take that picture of his face and post it on their own instagram just doesn't feel right to me."

Hear the full talk with Amber below! 

Photo by Getty Images

Here's how to get to her cooking segment, Ambers Eats.

Amber also stars in Brantley's music video for "The Weekend!"

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