Yes she is actually from Alabama! Pinson Alabama that is! She’s been doing radio for longer than she wants to admit all over the country and is more...Full Bio


Caroline Hobby Talks Past Music Career and Marriage to Michael Hobby

Caroline Hobby (married to Michael Hobby of A Thousand Horses) is the ultimate example of why the podcast Country Wives exists! So many country artists have the most interesting wives and Country Wives' mission is to uncover their stories and share them with the world! 

Caroline has literally done it ALL in the music industry, from being one third in the trio Stealing Angels, going on the TV show "The Amazing Race," co-writing Runaway June's hit song "Lipstick," working at a record label, and now hosting her own Podcast, "Get Real With Caroline Hobby."

She talks about how her band Stealing Angels separating was what helped her realize she could make a career with her personality instead of music: 

"When Stealing Angels blew up, Jen and I didn't know what to do, everything fell apart.... And that one moment The Amazing Race came into our life. I think Amazing Race was the moment where I discovered TV and being on camera and loved it and starting seeing I could use my personality for a job." 

She also talks about how she met Michael Hobby when they were in their early twenties at the beginning of both of their careers and now they are going four years strong into their marriage! Hear the full talk below! 

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Here's a few clips of all the things Caroline has done in her career. 

Caroline and her husband Michael are still going strong and just celebrated their four year anniversary! 

She's also SUPER FIT. 

And she's a professional interviewer.

Here's her husband in action! 

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