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Abby Smyers Talks Working with Dan from Dan + Shay Before They Got Married

Abby Smyers (married to Dan Smyers of Dan + Shay) might be one of the most caring people that has been on Country Wives so far. Not only is she passionate about her and Dan's rescue dogs but she also helped create an app called GVEBACK, where you can easily donate to a cause you are passionate about.

Abby met Dan when she was working as a label rep for Warner Bros. Records and had no clue he was interested in her when they first met: 

"Before I met Dan I went through a terrible breakup with my college boyfriend and when I met him I was still not remotely ready to date anyone on the planet let alone who I would figure out would come to be my [husband], but I had no eyes open to anyone, I was so focused on my career.... it was so funny because my boss at the time came into my office and was like 'So Dan asked me if he could ask you out on a date...' and I was so confused by it"

She also talks about taking a self defense class with other wives of country artists after the tragedy at Route 91 in Vegas happened last year and how that experience taught her a little more about being cautious on social media. 

Hear the full talk with Abby below! 

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See actual footage from their wedding in the music video for "Speechless"

And she is so invested in animal rescue! 

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