My Parent's Dog Passed Away This Weekend

Twelve years ago, my parents adopted a puppy. I was happy for them, they are HUGE dog people, having bred rottweilers and taken in countless dogs through the years. Unpopular opinion: I've always been a cat person but now I have a dog and...I get it. It all started with Jake. My son was born not too long after Jake was adopted. He's been there to give rides to the kids when they were smaller, to protect against intruders and those dangerous squirrels!

Over the past year, Jake (who as you can see, is a mammoth) started having bone issues which made it difficult to get up and down as quick as most dogs. Recently, a cancer growth was found on his body and spread quickly. Instead of having Jake live each day in pain my parents took that pain onto themselves and had him peacefully put down Monday. As I sit here, contemplating how to deal with this loss, I know my kids will feel it even deeper.

Good night but not goodbye, sweet Jake. You were the best boy.