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New term alert: Binge Racing

 It's been four years since Netflix popularized the idea of "binge-watching", when they started releasing new episodes of original shows all at once.  Now, they've come up with a new term:  "BINGE RACING." It's when subscribers watch an entire season of something within the first 24 hours of its release.

Netflix says 8.4 MILLION subscribers have "binge raced" at least once . . . and Canada is the country with the most binge racers.  The U.S. is second, followed by Denmark, Finland, and Norway.

It's worth noting that the four other countries can have weather so brutal that it's relatively easy to not go outside for days at a time.  There are places like that in the U.S. too, of course . . . but something tells me Americans don't need an excuse to lock themselves in a room for 24 hours to burn through an entire TV season.

Here are the Top 20 shows most-likely to be binge-raced . . .

1.  "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life"


2.  "Fuller House"


3.  "Marvel's The Defenders"


4.  "The Seven Deadly Sins"


5.  "The Ranch"



6.  "Santa Clarita Diet"


7.  "Trailer Park Boys"


8.  "F Is for Family"


9.  "Orange Is the New Black"


10.  "Stranger Things"



11.  "Friends from College"


12.  "Atypical"


13.  "Grace and Frankie"


14.  "Wet Hot American Summer"


15.  "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"



16.  "House of Cards"


17.  "Love"


18.  "GLOW"


19.  "Chewing Gum"


20.  "Master of None"

It might SEEM surprising that "Stranger Things" is only 10th considering how popular it was . . . but it actually took a while for the show to catch on, since it really took off through word-of-mouth.  Again, 'binge racing' isn't just watching the whole season in 24 hours . . . it's completing it in the FIRST 24 hours that it's available.  (Netflix)

By the way, Netflix doesn't release much ACTUAL data on how many people are watching their shows . . . but that doesn't mean they're not keeping tight records.

In this press release, they causally noted that there are FIVE people in the U.S. who've binge-raced all five seasons of "House of Cards" . . . on the day that each season has been released. 

And that there's one subscriber in France who has already blitzed all the way through 30 SHOWS this year alone . . . apparently without "sharing" his password.  This is just to let you know, Big Brother is watching!

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