What are Oprah's odds of being President?

posted by Madison - 

No matter what you think of PRESIDENT TRUMP, it's WAY too early to be talking about the next election.  And yet, the biggest thing trending right now is "#Oprah2020."

So naturally, an Internet gambling company has updated their odds, and they're giving Oprah a 20-to-1 chance of becoming our next president.

That's better than other 'celebrity' options like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, who both have 25-to-1 odds.  Former Vice President Joe Biden and Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand are also at 25-to-1.

 But Oprah would be FAR from a favorite at this point.  Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are both at 12-to-1 . . . and leading the pack, of course, is the president himself, Donald Trump, at 2-to-1.

For what it's worth, a different odds-maker is TOTALLY buying the hype, and has cut Oprah's odds down to 10-to-1 . . . and equal with Biden, current veep Mike Pence, and Senator Warren. 

That same site also gives Hillary Clinton 50-1 odds, which . . . everyone in America can agree . . . is VERY GENEROUS.



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